www.colacola.se - 3D models and renders by Anders Lejczak
Making some fun on the expense of the Bryce community (expecting all kind of wonders from the next Bryce release). Modelled and rendered in C4D.Don't see the fun in it? Don't worry - this is geek humor.

This image took me about 6 hours in total during 2 evenings (from idea to finished picture). I began with a flattened cube that a cut in half, extruded a part of it, threw it into hypernurbs and then added some thickness. The holes are made with Booleans and the parts inside the cassette are primitives (cylinders, torsi and cubes). The tape is a spline with extrude nurbs applied to it. Below you can see how the model looks without textures


Cassette in obj format:

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